Application Research of the Computer-Based Post-Accident Monitoring System on the Third Generation Nuclear Power Plant

  • Xiang-Jie HeEmail author
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The Post-Accident monitoring system (PAMS) which used in the monitoring system of nuclear power plants for preventive accidents management and mitigative accidents management is a safety important instrument system. This paper introduces the selection of accident monitoring parameters and the general design requirements. Through analysing PAMS about the typical application for structure, acquisition and condition scheme, equipment qualification and the characteristics of the power supply on the third generation of Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), contrast the technical characteristics and plan of accident monitoring system on the third generation of PWR NPP, explore the technical requirements and the development trend of monitoring technology, provide the reference for PWR NPP accident monitoring system of computer application, research and development.


Post-Accident monitoring Computer-based equipment The third generation Nuclear Power Plant Comparison of application Research 


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