Application of Variable Frequency Control Technology in Solid Waste Treatment System of Nuclear Power Plant

  • Jing-Jie BoEmail author
  • Li Zhou
  • Cong Xue
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Based on the brief introduction of the variable frequency control technology, this paper elaborates the design and implementation of the variable frequency control strategy in the transmission line of the cementation facility, and describes the salient features of the control strategy. A frequency converter switches the control of two motors. And the reactor is used to achieve long-distance transmission of the frequency signal. In this project, the frequency regulation mainly affects the operation speed of the roller, and the shift of the roller speed is to take into account both the efficiency of waste treatment and the positioning accuracy of metal drum. The successful implementation of the project provides a good theoretical basis and example for the massive, standardized application of variable frequency control technology in the nuclear power plant.


Variable frequency control technology Solid waste treatment Cementation facility Roller transfer 


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