The Appliance of BOP Auxiliary System Centralized Control Network in Nuclear Power Plant

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BOP auxiliary system centralized control network is not adopted in nuclear power plant at home and abroad. Local monitoring and control based on PLC is still the main traditional control mode for BOP system, the phenomenon of isolated information island exists in nuclear power plant. The information level of this mode is not only relatively low but also bring a lot of inconveniences for equipment spare part management, maintenance, system operation. With the development of network technology, the BOP centralized control network is a main trend in BOP auxiliary system design. The adaptation of BOP auxiliary system centralized control network is bound to impact the original project schedule, design interface, procurement, cost, and so on. It aims to provide feasible technical reference for the appliance of BOP auxiliary system control network in nuclear power plant.


Nuclear power plant Auxiliary system Centralized control BOP 


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