Research and Comparison of Combination Control Schemes Between Reactor and Turbine in Different PWR Nuclear Power Plant

  • Xu-Feng WangEmail author
  • Le-Yuan Bai
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In pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant (PWR), the steam generated by nuclear reactor is used to drive the steam turbine, which turns generator to produce electric energy. The power combination control between reactor and turbine is directly related to the conversion and balance between nuclear energy to electrical energy, so it is very important for the plant. The safe and reliable combination control between reactor and turbine can ensure the plant safely and economically. This paper researches the power combination control between reactor and turbine, and compares the implementation schemes in different plants, and puts forward the advantages and disadvantages, which can provides reference or assistance for similar investigation on other plant.


PWR Combination control Reactor and turbine Two-types of steam turbine 

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