Development of HTS Cable-Based Transmission Systems for Renewables

  • Jian Xun JinEmail author
  • Md. Rabiul Islam
  • Abdul Goffar Khan
Part of the Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Storage book series (RESES)


High temperature superconducting (HTS) materials and technologies have become available to design and build HTS power cables, and the HTS cable characteristics have been well verified both in theory and in power transmission systems for practical applications. The HTS power cables, power networks and performances are described in detail to reveal the HTS cable technology and its trend. The necessary improvements required have been comprehensively identified to reach the goal of industrial and board application of HTS cables and transmission technologies which are potential critical elements for future power system renewables.


High temperature superconducting (HTS) cable HTS AC cable HTS DC cable HTS power transmission HTS smart grid HTS power cable design HTS cable characteristic analysis HTS power cable application HTS DC power transmission HTS fault current limiter HTS energy pipeline HTS wires HTS material characteristics HTS cable development trend Cold dielectric HTS cable Hot dielectric HTS cable Liquid nitrogen HTS energy pipeline Critical current density 



The authors would like to deliver their appreciations to Z. H. Chen, X. Y. Chen, X. Y. Xiao, C. S. Li, Y. Q. Xing for their assistance to this work.


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  • Md. Rabiul Islam
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  • Abdul Goffar Khan
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  2. 2.Rajshahi University of Engineering & TechnologyRajshahiBangladesh

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