Impact Loading

  • Amit BhaduriEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 264)


Behaviour of materials under impact loads. Factors responsible for brittle cleavage type of fracture of normally ductile metals and alloys. Single-blow pendulum impact tests with notched bar, such as Charpy and Izod tests. Geometry of Charpy and Izod standard specimens with different types of notch and placement of specimens for tests in Charpy and Izod impact testers. Calculation of energy relations and correction for energy losses in impact test. Impact properties and transition temperature curves, and various criteria to define ductile–brittle transition temperature. Metallurgical factors affecting impact properties. Metallurgical embrittlement, such as tempered martensite embrittlement and temper embrittlement. Instrumented Charpy impact test. Additional large-scale fracture test methods, such as explosion-crack-starter test, drop weight test, Robertson crack-arrest test and dynamic tear test. Fracture analysis diagram and design philosophy using it. Problems and solutions.


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