• N. K. Kishore
  • Saroja Kanti Sahoo
  • A. K. Sinha
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


A microgrid is an aggregation of distributed generating units, distributed energy storage, sensitive and non-sensitive loads, smart switches, communication facility, automation capability, and centralized/decentralized control system. It is capable of operating in grid-connected as well as islanded mode. The remotely located load centers are highly benefitted with the development of microgrid at these locations. Solar and wind energy can be harnessed using the power electronics-based converters with an associated control system. Additionally, energy storage devices in the microgrids improve the power supply reliability during generation deficit conditions in the islanded mode of operation. This chapter addresses the attributes of such systems, its architecture, control issues, and developments around the world.


Distributed generation Energy storage units Voltage source converters Microgrid controllers 



The authors are thankful to Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur for its support and permission to submit this chapter.


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