Operation Standards for Continuous Glucose Monitoring

  • W. Lu
  • Y. BaoEmail author


The key part to strengthen blood glucose management is comprehensive and careful blood glucose monitoring. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is able to continuously monitor glucose levels of patients through the implantation of a glucose sensor in subcutaneous tissue fluid on which a chemical reaction is triggered, leading to subsequent transformation into electrical signals. Correct and standardized CGM operation can significantly reduce the burden of clinical nursing. At present, CGM has been widely used in clinical practice. However, the success of CGM usage is influenced by many factors (such as the effectiveness of sensor, aseptic operation or not, sensor error, etc.) in actual practice. Therefore, medical personnel should apply CGM in accordance with standard operating procedures and eliminate various alarms in a timely manner, ensuring accurate and valid CGM results. Because Medtronic’s CGM system is widely used in China, this chapter focuses on the operation standards of Medtronic CGM systems.


Continuous glucose monitoring Operation 


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