Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Patients with Insulinoma

  • J. F. Han
  • Y. BaoEmail author


Insulinoma is a tumor mainly made up of specialized pancreatic islet β-cells, and it is characterized by recurrent fasting hypoglycemia. Because hypoglycemic events usually occur during night or in the early morning and different individuals have different plasma glucose thresholds for hypoglycemic symptoms, early detection of insulinoma is often difficult. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) techniques can be used to monitor the blood glucose variation and to identify hypoglycemia, especially nocturnal hypoglycemia, which cannot be detected by self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG). In-depth analyses of the time distribution, type, and pattern of hypoglycemia, especially in combination with fasting test, facilitate the diagnosis of insulinoma. Moreover, CGM helps to develop a comprehensive understanding of postoperative blood glucose changes as well as to accurately assess surgical efficacy in patients with insulinoma.


Insulinoma Hypoglycemia Continuous glucose monitoring Fasting test 


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