Mass Production of Microalgae in Photobioreactors for Biodiesel Application: Selection, Limitations, and Optimization

  • Sanjay PawarEmail author
  • Suvidha Gupta


The algal biodiesel is produced in four steps: cultivation, harvesting and dewatering, lipid extraction, and transesterification reaction (converting lipids to fatty acid methyl esters, FAME, i.e., biodiesel). Microalgae cultivation in photobioreactor (PBR) is not only costly but also very challenging step among the steps of algal biodiesel production. In this chapter, the advantages and disadvantages of various types of PBR have been discussed in the context of mass production at outdoor conditions. Several environmental limitations which affect the performance of PBR are critically reviewed with respect to the selections of PBRs and microalgae strains. The mode of cultivation was found to affect the biomass and lipid productivity under different conditions. Thus, an overview suggesting the optimal ways to enhance the total lipid content of microalgae under different modes of cultivation is discussed in this chapter. The research work of microalgae cultivation on wastewater is tabulated and discussed in the context of feasibility of process. The quality of biodiesel strongly depends on the proportion of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Thus, various process parameters and strategies which affect the lipid’s composition are also discussed in detail.


Mixotrophic Scale-up Cetane number Fatty acids Biofuel 



The authors are thankful to Director, CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) for providing necessary facilities for this work. The corresponding author is thankful to the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, for financial support for this research work under the scheme of DST INSPIRE Faculty Award (IFA13-ENG63).


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