Inculturation of Spirituality: Taiwan Experience

Part of the Christianity in Modern China book series (CMC)


After Vatican II, the Association of Asian religious women during their bi-annual meeting, Asian Meeting of Religious Women (AMOR) II, decided to implement suggestions concerning inculturation in the Asian Church. Reputed oriental spiritual teachers were invited to introduce conference participants to theory as well as practice. Taiwan’s participants, represented by the Sheng Kung Sisters led by Sr. Agnes Lee Chunjuan, have responded by practicing long years with the assistance of the Jesuit Theologian Fr. Chang Chun-shen, who taught how oriental spirituality from Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism could be integrated into Christian spiritual life. Sister Lee promoted the practice of Zen contemplation and dialogue with Buddhist and Daoist sects while setting up a sustainable center of oriental spirituality in Tainan.


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