Learning Support of MOOCs in China

  • Qinhua ZhengEmail author
  • Li Chen
  • Daniel Burgos
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MOOCs’ high dropout rate has been widely criticized. It is one of the measures to reduce the dropout rate by establishing a perfect learning support service system and enhancing the learning support service capacity. This study took 621 courses of 14 major MOOC platforms in China as the research object, investigated their learning support condition, and compared the types and quantity of learning support services (LSS) provided by different types of courses. The study found that, in general, China’s MOOCs supply very few types of LSS, and the overall level of support service was low. There are big differences in learning support among MOOCs with different teaching models. Inquiry-based courses designed better learning support than lecture-based courses. Flipped-classroom MOOCs used learning support more often. The learning support in MOOCs was more traditionally designed. Courses with well-designed certificate system had better learning support. According to the research results, we suggest that in order to advance the construction and application, MOOCs should enhance the learning support service capacity, promote the practical application of learning analytics, pay more attention to the timeliness and validity of teaching interaction, construct the inquiry learning environment, and promote flipped-classroom teaching model. With all these measures, the learning effects of MOOCs will be improved greatly.


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