Political Support in Chinese Cities

  • Yang Zhong
Part of the New Perspectives on Chinese Politics and Society book series (NPCPS)


This chapter examines the level of regime support in urban China. The political system in China has been described as “resilient”. The obvious question is: why has the Chinese regime successfully maintained its rule and proved so resilient in the most populous country in the world? Stability in urban China is indispensable to the level of overall stability in China. On a descriptive level, the key question to be answered is: To what degree does the current regime in China enjoy popular diffuse support? On an analytical level, we would like to find out what factors affect Chinese urban residents’ level of support for the current political system in China? Other than the usual socioeconomic and demographic factors, such as age, gender, income, education and Communist Party membership, this chapter is particularly interested in exploring the relationships between popular satisfaction with local government performance in specific policy areas (such as education, medical care, housing, the social safety net, employment, public safety, transportation, cultural development, and environment), popular satisfaction with local governmental efficiency, attitudes toward official corruption, trust of central and local governments on the one hand and popular regime support on the other.

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