Polymer Hydrogel-Clay (Nano)Composites

  • Piotr KuśtrowskiEmail author
  • Piotr Natkański
  • Anna Rokicińska
  • Ewa Witek
Part of the Gels Horizons: From Science to Smart Materials book series (GHFSSM)


Among various (nano)composites containing hydrogels, materials based on clays are emphasized. We show features of clays, which are beneficial in the formation of (nano)composites with hydrogels. Methods used in the synthesis of these materials and the resulting structures are demonstrated. Physicochemical techniques being valuable tools for characterization of this type of materials are also presented. Furthermore, the most important properties of hydrogel-clay (nano)composites are shown. Beside typically improved features like thermal stability, mechanical, rheological, and optical properties, as well as swelling and adsorption capacity are discussed. Finally, a wide range of possible applications of hydrogel-clay (nano)composites is outlined.


Hydrogel-clay (nano)composites Synthesis Physicochemical characterization Applications 


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