Evolution of China’s Immigration Policies: Visa Polices and Talent Attraction Programs

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  • Huiyao Wang


As the world continues to globalize, and the international talent competition toughens, the desire to attract and retain Chinese diaspora abroad and foreign highly skilled individuals have become a national priority for China. The race for talent has stimulated the development and implementation of various new governmental policies and initiatives, designed with the objectives of strengthening the domestic legion of talented workers, supporting and facilitating the transitional era of national development and continued economic growth. China is currently the largest source of students migrating abroad, and since the twenty-first century, China has witnessed increasing percentages of returnees migrating back from overseas. The importance of attaining overseas Chinese and foreign talent plays a central role in the Chinese transition from an economy highly dependent on manufacturing and heavy industries, to the new economy, characterized by entrepreneurship and innovation. Returnees are active change agents in this process, however in order to facilitate their return, China has focused immense effort on the development of various attraction programs, providing incentives to contribute and take part in the ‘Chinese dream’. This chapter will provide insights into the various initiatives, plans and policies implemented by China since before and after 2000, with a special focus on both overseas Chinese and foreign talent attraction programs.


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