Fatigue Life Prediction of Spot Welded Joints: A Review

  • Vipin WagareEmail author
Conference paper
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Resistance spot welding (RSW) is a major sheet metal joining process. It is widely used in many industries, such as the automotive, aircraft and spacecraft industries. Resistance spot welding (RSW) is dominant joining method which is very complicated process including close interaction of electrical, thermal, mechanical, and metallurgical phenomena. In the present automobile sector, vehicle contains about 4000–5000 spot welded joints, which has been subjected to continuous variable type loading condition. The life and structural integrity of this spot welded joints depends on many parameters. This is a review work that looks into the fatigue behavior of spot welded tensile lap shear specimen under cyclic loading condition. The main objective is to study the effects of different processes, designs, material parameters on the fatigue behavior of spot welded joints. The design parameters of spot welded lap specimens like distance between spot, number of spots as well as process parameters like nugget diameter weld time, electric current, etc., are varied and the effects on the structural integrity and fatigue behavior of spot weld joints have been observed.


Fatigue life Fatigue damage Strain life criterion Cycles to crack initiation 


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