Lakshya: Life Assessment, Extension and Certification

  • Manu JainEmail author
  • S. Rajashekar
  • V. Ashok Rangan
  • V. Subramanian
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Lakshya is a reusable pilot less target aircraft designed and developed by Aeronautical Development Establishment, which is used by all the three services of Indian armed forces. There is a large variation between storage facilities and use pattern of services which has necessitated the life extension of Lakshya beyond the original prescribed life. This has helped services to get maximum utilization of fleet with minimal cost While extending the life of Lakshya, two factors have been kept in mind: (1) economic viability of the life extension (cost compared to the new aircraft) and (2) safety of operations in the extended life. This study presents the procedure followed in the life extension of Lakshya and lessons learnt during various field experiments. Suggestions for corrective/preventive actions leading to improvement in quality and reliability of the Lakshya are also documented.


UAV Fuselage Corrosion Corrosion fatigue Nondestructive inspection (NDI) Service life testing Service life assessment 



The authors thank Director ADE for his continuous encouragement for quality improvement and permitting to present this paper. The authors also acknowledge Shri V. Dakshina Murthy of Quality Assurance Division, ADE and support staff from assembly for valuable guidance and encouragement in writing this paper.


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  • S. Rajashekar
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  • V. Ashok Rangan
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