Influence of LED Lighting on In Vitro Plant Regeneration and Associated Cellular Redox Balance



Light spectral quality, irradiation level in terms of photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) and photoperiod have a profound influence on the morphogenesis and growth of plants. In recent years, the application of light emitting diodes (LEDs) has attracted considerable attention as an alternative artificial light source not only for controlled environmental agriculture but also for plant tissue culture experiments. The advantages of LEDs over the conventional gas discharge lamps used in plant tissue culture systems are the ability to regulate the levels of photosynthetically active and photomorphogenic radiation necessary for plant morphogenesis, small size, longer lifespan and low thermal energy output. A conspicuous influence of LED lighting on plant regeneration and secondary metabolite accumulation has been suggested by numerous studies in a variety of plant species. However, the responses of plants considerably vary to different light treatments, and there is no specific pattern among the various species. Apart from its impact on plant regeneration responses up to the stage of ex vitro transfer, LED irradiation also significantly alters the cellular redox balance. LED-induced changes in the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and subsequent involvement of antioxidative metabolic activities have also been reported. This chapter describes the influence of LED light on in vitro plant regeneration including acclimatization, ex vitro transfer and associated ROS network with antioxidative defence. The outcome of the findings along with the potential of LEDs in regulating plant regeneration responses has also been discussed.


Photomorphogenesis Plant regeneration Light quality Acclimatization Reactive oxygen species Antioxidant 


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