Keyword Based Identification of Thrust Area Using MapReduce for Knowledge Discovery

  • Nirmal KaurEmail author
  • Manmohan Sharma
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 712)


Keyword based identification generally used in many applications like Web pages, Query processing, Searching interfaces with dealing the power of data mining algorithms which contributes effective and efficient work in large datasets. Keywords are most important terms in documents or text fields to get some interesting knowledge for fulfill the discovery goal. The goal of this paper is to specify the Thrust Area for particular searched keyword in computer science field by this interface. This paper use MapReduce framework with some modification and search the keyword from database to identify the Thrust Area. The proposed interface is mapped on the processed query resulting in the relevant information extracted from the given datasets. MapReduce can work with keywords in large datasets such as sorting, counting frequency etc. with high efficiency. Experimental work has also been carried out to analyses the performance on various parameters such as the time taken by each input source to make clusters and identify Thrust Areas.


Knowledge discovery Keyword matching Keyword-based identification MapReduce Information retrieval 


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