Knowledge Based Decision Support System (KBDSS)

  • Leni Sagita Riantini Supriadi
  • Low Sui Pheng
Part of the Management in the Built Environment book series (MABUEN)


This chapter reviews the Knowledge Based Decision Support System (KBDSS) as part of the decision making tools. Decision making process will be described in general, followed by reviews on various decision making tools. The second part will elaborate on an overview of DSS, including its development and implementation. KBDSS will be described afterwards with a discussion of its general concept and its implementation, particularly in the construction industry and for emergency management (aspects that are focused in this study). The final part will discuss the development of KBDSS, its formulation, system development, and validation process.


Knowledge Based Decision Support System (KBDSS) PROgramming In LOGic (PROLOG) Multi-criteria Decision Analysis Model Face Validation Field Validation Tests 
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  • Leni Sagita Riantini Supriadi
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  • Low Sui Pheng
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