Controllable Synthesis of Graphene on Rh

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Compared with monolayer graphene, bilayer graphene displays even more complex electronic band structures and intriguing properties. Recent studies reveal that the low-energy band structure of bilayer graphene is extremely sensitive to the stacking order. Two low-energy VHSs, which originate from the two saddle points in the band structure, were observed in the twisted graphene bilayer as two pronounced peaks in the DOS. The VHSs will induce novel physical properties, such as, superconductivity and magnetism. Therefore, the preparation of large area non-AB-stacked bilayer graphene is an efficient way to modify the energy band structure near Fermi level. Combined with the preparation methods of graphene introduced in Chap.  1, especially the growth method of bilayer graphene, I choose segregation growth as a method for preparing non-AB stacking bilayer graphene.


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