Using Map-Reduce for Image Analysis in Cloud Environment

  • S. SupreethEmail author
  • M. M. Raja Rajeshwari
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 14)


With the quick development of online networking, the quantity of pictures being transferred to the web is blasting. Gigantic amounts of pictures are shared through multi-stage administrations, for example, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Most present picture handling applications, intended for little scale, nearby calculation, have scalability issues even though there is a necessity for high computation requirement. With the help of hadoop handling such computational issues has become a little easier then traditional methods using MapReduce [1] stage addresses the issue of giving a framework to computationally serious information preparing along with appropriated capacity. In any case, to take in the specialized complexities of creating helpful technologies integrating with hadoop demands experienced Engineer. Accordingly, pool of scientists and software engineers with the shifted abilities to create applications that can utilize extensive arrangements of pictures is restricted. So, we have built up the Image Processing Framework in hadoop, giving a Hadoop library to bolster huge size picture handling in cloud environment. This paper gives a far reaching methodical audit and examination of picture preparing and picture taking care of difficulties and prerequisites in a distributed computing environment by utilizing the MapReduce system and its open-source execution Hadoop. We characterized necessities for MapReduce frameworks to perform picture handling. We likewise proposed the MapReduce algorithm and one execution of this system on Cloud Environment. This paper outlines one of the best strategies to process extensive pictures is MapReduce, it likewise can help designers to do parallel and disseminated calculation in a cloud domain, by which we can obtain the details needed for geo-referencing, in terms of data obtained from images needed for scientific applications.


Image analysis Hadoop Map reduce Cloud 


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