Outlook for Next-Generation Micro-/Nanoimaging Probes

  • Run Chang
  • Ming Gao
  • Linlin Sun
  • Doudou Wang
  • Zhe Liu
  • Thomas J. WebsterEmail author
Part of the Engineering Materials book series (ENG.MAT.)


Innovations for the next-generation of micro-/nanoimaging probes require multiple functions and roles to serve not only targeted imaging but also precision treatments. That is, the development of theranostic agents used for visualized medicine, image-guided therapy, or image-navigated surgery will dramatically extend their application scope, boost processing for clinical uses and bridge materials, and integrate bioengineering and medicine. This chapter provides an outlook for this bright future and focuses on several ever-growing subjects, including aggregation-induced emission probes, image-guided treatment technologies, and nanoimaging probes for bacteria detection.


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