Experimental Investigation of Solar Steam Generator Based on Evacuated Tube for Heating and Humidification

  • Sajith LawranceEmail author
  • Anunaya Saraswat
  • Avadhesh Yadav
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In this paper, experimental investigation of solar steam generator based on evacuated tube for heating and humidification has been carried out. The experimental setup consisting of 40 evacuated tubes, a header, and a duct. Water in the header is heated up and converted to steam by using solar energy collected by the evacuated tubes. Steam was generated for 3 h from 13:00 to 16:00 h. The generated steam from the collector is mixed with the ambient air flowing through the duct. The air-flow rate was fixed at 52.31 kg h−1. The conditions at the outlet of the duct are recorded after every half an hour. The maximum temperature difference and humidification rate of 6 °C and 0.580 kg h−1 was obtained at 14:00 h, respectively. The results show great potential of evacuated tube collectors for winter air conditioning.


Solar air conditioning Solar energy Evacuated tube collector Heating and humidification Winter air conditioning 


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  • Anunaya Saraswat
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  • Avadhesh Yadav
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