Development of Dual-Axis Tracking Control System for Scheffler Dish Concentrator

  • A. Gokul RajEmail author
  • Arun Bollavarapu
  • Mukul Dubey
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Scheffler dish solar concentrating systems are used in cooking or process heating applications requiring temperature up to 300 °C. These concentrators are generally equipped with tracking facility to track the sun’s path throughout the day to obtain direct beam radiation. The tracking system helps in achieving the effective operation of the system by concentrating the direct beam radiation at a focal point of the receiver. Currently, in Scheffler dish solar concentrating systems, single-axis tracking, i.e., East–West (E–W) is achieved using timer device while tilting axis, i.e., North–South (N–S) is achieved by adjusting the bars manually. The timer device is either pendulum regulated mechanical system or expensive and intricate electronic timer circuit. A simple and economically viable electronic control for Scheffler dish concentrating systems is highly desired. This paper discusses a simplified and cost-effective circuit design to achieve dual-axis tracking (both E–W and N–S) for easy and effective operation of Scheffler dish concentrator.



The work is funded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The authors sincerely acknowledge Dr. M. Shyam (Director, SPRERI) for his support and guidance. The authors also acknowledge Dr. V. Siva Reddy (Ex-Head of the Department) for initiating the work and providing valuable guidance.


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  1. 1.Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research InstituteVallabh VidhyanagarIndia

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