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Nanomaterials for Delivery of Nutrients and Growth-Promoting Compounds to Plants

  • Josef JampílekEmail author
  • Katarína Kráľová


Nanotechnology is a rapidly expanding field that affords the development of materials in nanoscale dimensions that have unique properties and a wide spectrum of applications. Nanomaterials can be found more frequently in agriculture and the food sector. The application of nanomaterials for delivery of nutrients and growth-promoting compounds to plants has become more and more popular, and their utilization at the proper place, at the proper time, in the proper amount and of the proper composition emends the efficacy of fertilizers. This contribution reviews the potential application of various nanocarriers used for delivery of N, P and K macronutrients and plant growth-stimulating nanoscale essential metals nutrients (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Co) as well as carbon-based (single- and multiwalled carbon nanotubes) and non-essential metal (Ti, Ag, Au, Ce, Al)- and metalloid (Si, Se)-based nanomaterials showing beneficial effects on plant growth that could be used in agricultural practice.


Carbon nanomaterials Clays Fertilizers Metalloids Metals Nanoparticles Nutrients 


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