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Nanotechnology in Agriculture, Food Process Product, and Food Packaging

  • A. Allwyn SundarrajEmail author


Nanotechnology is a new boundary, and food engineering is a rising technology. Recently, “nanobiotechnology” has become a contemporary technological field with a broad space of analysis with relation to agriculture, food processing, protection, packing, dairy, enlargement of useful foods, and soured food products. Food and dairy farm makers, agrarian manufacturers, and customers may gain additional aggressive situation through technology. The grocery store requirement technology, that is crucial to stay smart management within the food processing business to supply contemporary genuine, appropriate, and flavorful food products. Nanotechnology has the possibility to transform the food business. Nanopacking solution can focus additionally on food security by dominant microorganism growth, detain reaction, visibility, and satisfaction. Nano has prospective nano-developed agrochemicals, enrich biological process values, and generation of novel product through bioactive encapsulation. The subject of this chapter includes the appliance of nanotechnology in agriculture, food processing, packaging, food safety, and security also as regulation of nanotechnologies to confirm safety.


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