The WTO, NAFTA and the TFEU: Regional Perspectives by WTO Members on Non-discrimination Obligations

  • Catherine A. BrownEmail author


The chapter addresses applicable non-discrimination principles impacting two World Trade Organization (WTO) Members, Canada and the UK, as a consequence of their respective memberships in the NAFTA and in the European Union (EU). Although both Canada and the UK are WTO Members, the non-discrimination obligations in tax matters splinter again when one looks at the operation of an integrated trade agreement. In Europe, direct tax measures are filtered through the lens of the free trade principles of the Treaty of Rome. EU members who are signatories to the GATS are subject to very different non-discrimination obligations with respect to tax measures when operating in a State that is a signatory to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) than, for example a service provider from a NAFTA Party operating in the same State. The non-discrimination obligations if any, that apply to a service provider from a State that is a GATS Member may therefore vary widely when providing services in another Member State depending on whether there is an additional integrated trade agreement like the TFEU with the source State. The non-discrimination obligations affecting service providers from EU Member State may also vary depending on the terms of the tax treaty between the EU Member States. The chapter concludes that there are many approaches to the matter of non-discrimination in tax matters and standards that may apply but there will be no minimum common standard of tax treatment for many non-residents without a non-discrimination obligation in a tax treaty.


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