Topologies of a DC–DC Converter for Micro-grid Application and Implementation of Parallel Quadratic Boost Converter

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The sustainable energy resources, namely PV, wind, fuel chambers or vitality stowage strategies like ultra-capacitors or battery management, produce output voltage at the limit of about 12–70 VDC. The grid can be connected to the energy sources whose voltage level can be altered depending on the electrical standards. As the first step, AC mains voltage requirement should be fulfilled, to attain this boost-up of voltage up to adequate level where the DC to AC conversion is attained to balance the utility rating. The another challenge in this energy generation is maintaining efficiency, and this efficiency is affected at the step-up process of DC to DC conversion. This manuscript is intensive on high efficiency and advanced topologies of boost-up mode DC to DC converters with increased voltage ratio. The difference depends on the existence or absence of transformer nodes. And also a new topology of DC to DC converter is implemented, and it is designed using MATLAB/Simulink. A droop control strategy is used to parallel two converters in load-sharing point.


DC–DC converter Droop control High step-up Micro-grid Photovoltaic Wind 


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