Micro-grid for Village Empowerment Using Solar PV-Operated Micro-hydel Power Plant

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Day and night empowerment in remote and isolated places through electric power and water supply has been designed in a smart and efficient way. Solar photovoltaic power with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller generates electricity during day time which is used to run domestic appliances. It also simultaneously pumps water and stores it in an overhead tank. Along with the normal utilization of water in daily life from the water tank, potential energy in the form of stored water in overhead tank is used to run a micro-turbine coupled with a generator for producing electricity at night. The centralized electric power is distributed to different homes in the village through a micro-grid.


MPPT Potential energy Micro-grid Photovoltaic Renewable energy 


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  2. 2.Electronics and Communication Engineering DepartmentSikkim Manipal Institute of TechnologyRangpoIndia

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