Effect of Incidence Angle on Optical Bandwidth in Ternary Photonic Crystal for Filter Application

  • Romi DeyEmail author
  • Meenakshi Banerjee
  • Antara Das
  • Arpan Deyasi
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 11)


Optical bandwidth of ternary photonic crystal based Butterworth filter is computed for polarized incidence of electromagnetic wave; and effect of incidence angle and structural parameters are studied within lower range on the filter performance. Result is compared with that obtained for normal incidence. Transfer matrix technique is adopted for calculation; and SiO2/air/TiO2 material system is considered for simulation purpose. Simulated findings in favor of p-polarized wave incidence for varying incidence angle owing to higher bandwidth and less ripple in passband for filter application.


Ternary photonic crystal Optical bandwidth Angle of incidence Butterworth filter Structural parameters 


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  • Antara Das
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  • Arpan Deyasi
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