Moving Object Detection Using Local Binary Pattern and Gaussian Background Model

  • A.P. AthiraEmail author
  • Midhula Vijayan
  • R. Mohan
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 11)


It has been several years Background subtraction techniques were put into use in vision and image applications for motion detection. However, most of the methods fall short of providing fine results due to dynamic backgrounds, illumination variation, noise, etc. Uniqueness of the proposal is construction of a steady background from a video sequel. In the editorial, proposal is to develop a steady background representation from a certain video sequel. The background is updated on arrival of each frame. For detecting moving objects, the constructed background has been compared with diverse frames of the video sequel. For this, the background model is developed using combination of Local Binary Pattern (LBP) and Gaussian averaging. Gaussian averaging employs different forms that occur with time to confines the underlying opulence of the background. Likewise, a spatial region of hold is used by LBP. The projected proposal depends on spatio-temporal forms occurring with time to fabricate a suitable model background. Efficacy of the projected proposal is established by comparing the outcomes with some of the existing avant-garde background subtraction methods on open standard records.


Gaussian model Local Binary Pattern Object detection 


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