Design and Performance Analysis of Traffic Rerouting Based Congestion Control Technique in Optical WDM Network

  • Manoj Kr. DuttaEmail author
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In the present paper a traffic rerouting based architectural model for contention resolution in optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) network has been proposed. The proposed switching architecture is consisted of two different types of Erlang traffic processing models namely Node B and Node C. Traffic from source is divided into two unequal parts at the router and are diverted to the above mentioned nodes. There is a channel shifter between the two nodes which can shift a number of available output channels from one node to another. A control signal looks after the blocking probability and gives necessary instructions to the channel shifter. If one node is heavily loaded while the other one is less then to reduce the congestion and traffic loss the channel shifter shifts some free output channels from lightly loaded node to the heavily node and vice versa. This model may be used for optimum utilization of given number of available channels in a WDM network and to achieve minimum blocking probability. Performance of the proposed architectural model has been verified by appropriate mathematical models and simulations.



The author would like to thank all the authorities of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra and Off-campus Deoghar for providing all kinds of supports and granting institute seed money scheme for carrying out this work.


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