Performance Analysis of Airplane Health Surveillance System

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  • S. Seema
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Airplane Health Surveillance System is an information system developed to help the operators and maintenance crew to make business decision. System will detect the defect along with cause which would lead to delay and airplane crashes which has high impact on society. The system is capable of detecting and diagnosing the defects which may be initiated during a flight. Thereby triggers alert to safeguard the airplane from possible odds by analyzing the effects caused by defect detected. Based on alerts and cause, business decisions are made. Airplane health surveillance system will obtain data from simulator which is designed to emulate the data received from supplier ground system which in turn will be receiving ACARS from flying fleet in real time. This is a User-friendly application which has a very powerful impact on aerospace division by eliminating the uncertain economic loss.


Airplane communications addressing and reporting system Flight deck effect Managed file transfer Airplane system performance monitoring Airplane health information Air-to-ground communication 



My sincere gratitude to Professor and Head of Department Dr. K G Srinivasa, CSE, MSRIT for his valuable suggestions and encouragement. Special thanks to my guide Dr. Seema S, Associate Professor CSE, MSRIT for her constant guidance and suggestions.


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