Library Support for Student E-Portfolios: A Case Study

  • Christopher ChanEmail author


This chapter explores how librarians can contribute to the use of student e-portfolios. It describes how a faculty member collaborated with a librarian on an e-portfolio exercise for a general education history course. This support consisted of a one-shot information literacy instruction session intended to provide students with the research skills necessary to successfully complete the e-portfolio exercise. In addition, the librarian prepared an online course guide, and was available to students for later consultation. Student work was evaluated by the librarian, and it was found that many students struggled in spite of the intervention. A further interesting finding was that students also sought technical advice from the librarian. Based on this experience, the potential for librarians to provide both academic and technical support for e-portfolios in their role as information professionals is explored and discussed through the theoretical lens of embedded librarianship.


E-portfolios Embedded librarianship Faculty-librarian collaboration Information literacy 


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