An AES–CHAOS-Based Hybrid Approach to Encrypt Multiple Images

  • Shelza SuriEmail author
  • Ritu Vijay
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 555)


In today’s world, one thing is for sure that technologies have advanced. Internet is being used as the primary mode of transfer of images, data or any other sort of textual information from one end to another. Thereby, it is very necessary to protect such mode of transfers from any sort of leakage of information to the outsiders which is something not intended by both the sender and the receiver. Hence, in order to protect such transferring of information, a hybrid approach to encrypt multiple images is being proposed. In such technique, fast chaotic encryption algorithm and the AES encryption algorithm are used together in order to create a hybrid approach to encrypt multiple images which are to be sent to the receiving end. On the receiver side, concepts of Cramer’s rule are used in order to decrypt the images and make the algorithm to work in a more dynamic fashion, respectively.


Chaotic AES Cramer’s rule Watermarking 


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