An Investigation of Matching Approaches in Fingerprints Identification

  • Asraful Syifaa’ AhmadEmail author
  • Rohayanti Hassan
  • Noraini Ibrahim
  • Mohamad Nazir Ahmad
  • Rohaizan Ramlan
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 555)


Fingerprints identification is one of the most widely used biometric technologies that can enhance the security for an access to a system. It is known as the most reliable application compared to others. In the framework of fingerprints identification, the most crucial step is the matching phase. Thus, this paper is devoted to identify and review the existing matching approaches in the specialized literature. The literatures that related to the fingerprints matching were searched using all the relevant keywords. Thirty-five studies were selected as primary sources which comprised of 34 journal articles and a book. The overview of the generic processes was provided for each fingerprints matching. Besides, current works for each of the approaches were addressed according to the issues being handled.


Biometrics Fingerprints identification Correlation based Minutiae based Ridge feature based 



This research is funded by GUP Grant and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia under Vote No: 11H84.


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  • Noraini Ibrahim
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  • Mohamad Nazir Ahmad
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  • Rohaizan Ramlan
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