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Innovation is the basis for creating and sustaining competitiveness in the existing complex business systems. Innovation is not only limited to products and services as such but also consist of other categories like system innovation, R&D and Technological innovation, innovation management etc. When planning business strategy, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of innovation and the management process. The crucial link between innovation and Strategic Marketing (SM) therefore, is the long-term and short-term strategies, which integrates the action of today with the vision of tomorrow. Innovation can help organizations to achieve the perceived quality as expected by customer from the offered quality. Investigations are required to find out whether the core concept of Strategic Marketing is linked with innovation performance or not.

The key takeaways for the reader from this chapter are listed below
  • Development of constructs for measurement

  • Development of the research framework

  • Development of measuring instrument


Business strategy Innovation performance Incremental innovation Make in india Technological innovation Product innovation Process innovation Innovation management System innovation Environmental landscaping Marketing mix Brand positioning Entrepreneurial management 


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