Introduction to MSMEs

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  • C. P. Lohith
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Indian MSMEs (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) are shifting slightly from low technology base products to higher end, and in spite of this drift, it represents a vast technological diversity. Indian MSMEs happen to be the significant contributor for the nation’s economy. It is highly contributing towards Indian GDP growth by creating high employment and also manufacturing and exporting products. MSMEs are identifying niche markets and there by reach to a wide market space. It is also able to minimize the gap between urban and rural developments. Hence government of India is also keen in bringing out several initiatives to boost up the MSME sector.

The key takeaways for the reader from this chapter are listed below
  • SSI transformation into MSMEs

  • Contributions of MSME to Indian Economy

  • Background for this study

  • Objectives of the study


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