Review on Sustainable Lighting Design in Art Galleries to Balance Between Visibility and Conservation of Light Sensitive Art Exhibits

  • Amrita BhattacharjeeEmail author
  • Swati Pal
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 66)


The core function of the Art gallery is art exhibition as well as conservation. Protection of light sensitive exhibits from damaging effect of light while maintaining the higher exhibition quality with respect to visibility is a key concern in lighting design of art galleries. The conflict between light level for visibility of exhibition from viewers’ perspective and conservation of artifacts creates philosophical dilemma for lighting design in art galleries. So, a review of literature has been done in this regard as this conflict still exists. The existing recommended light level for the art galleries from the view of conservation and the need for verification of this existing light level for better visibility have been discussed. As a consequence, this review of literature will help to find out the need of further research so that balance between visibility and conservation of light sensitive art exhibits can be done properly by lighting design of art galleries.


Art galleries Lighting design Visibility Exhibition Conservation 


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