The Research of Impact of Resident Consumption Level and Unemployment Rate on Population Natural Increase Rate

  • Zhisheng ZhaoEmail author
  • Xueqiong Wei
  • XiaoLiang Bai
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On the bases of empirical analysis to the statistical data of born rate, unemployment rate and consumption level collected from 31 provinces or cities, and by the method of R language, this thesis subjects to analyze the relationship of each administration district’s above elements with its population increase rate, and also the regional difference and moving trend of the relationship or interaction among different region in the last decade. And this is helpful to local government in their macro policy decision and development strategy consideration.


Resident consumption lever Unemployment rate Population natural increase rate R language Regional difference 



1. Major Scientific Research Project in Higher School in Hebei Province (Grant No. ZD20131085), 2. Funding Project of Science & Technology Research and Development in Hebei North University (Grant No. ZD201301), 3. Major Projects in Hebei Food and Drug Administration (Grant No. ZD2015017), 4. Major Funding Project in Hebei Health Department (Grant No. ZL20140127), 5. Youth Funding Science and Technology Projects in Hebei Higher School (Grant No. QN2016192), with Hebei Province Population Health Information Engineering Technology Research Center.


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  1. 1.School of Information Science and EngineeringHebei North UniversityZhangjiakouChina
  2. 2.EDHEC Business SchoolNiceFrance

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