Photofunctional Rare Earth Hybrid Materials Based on Multicomponent Assembly

  • Bing Yan
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 251)


This chapter mainly focuses on recent research progress in photofunctional rare earth hybrid materials based on multicomponent assembly. On the basis of the previous chapters on all kinds of typical rare earth hybrid materials, a lot of chemical modification paths are obtained. These paths can be further utilized to introduce other functional units including luminescent units such as another rare earth species or other photoactive species to assemble the multicomponent hybrid systems. This chapter covers photofunctional rare earth hybrid materials based on modified clay, ionic gel, inorganic nanocomposite, polyoxometalat e, and multi-host assembly. Herein, it mainly focuses on the work of our group in recent years.


Rare earth ion Photofunctional hybrid material Multicomponent assembly Luminescence 


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