Observations and Explanations of MW Emissions in Solar Flaring Loops

  • Guangli HuangEmail author
  • Victor F. Melnikov
  • Haisheng Ji
  • Zongjun Ning


The MW burst emission holds valuable information about the processes of electron acceleration and their storage in solar flare loops. During the last years, new results regarding particle acceleration have been obtained from HXR and MW observations as: (a) the considerable increase of the MW to HXR flux ratios (\(I_\mu /I_x\)) from impulsive to gradual flares Kai k, Kosugi T, Nitta N (1985) Publ Astron Soc Jpn 37:155–162, [1], Bai T, Dennis B (1985) Astrophys J 1985:699–715, [2]; and (b) the flattening of hard X-ray spectra during the decay phase of gradual bursts together with large temporal delays between MWs and HXRs.


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