Theory of MW Emissions of Solar Flaring Loops

  • Guangli HuangEmail author
  • Victor F. Melnikov
  • Haisheng Ji
  • Zongjun Ning


It is well known that there are various acceleration mechanisms in solar flares (see review papers Aschwanden, Space Sci Rev 101:1–227, 2002, [1], Vlahos, The high energy solar corona: waves, eruptions, particles, Springer, Berlin, p 15, 2007, [2]), including DC electric field (in current sheets or twisted magnetic loops), stochastic acceleration (in plasma wave turbulence and microflares), shock acceleration (in MHD shocks and standing shocks), and electron induced acceleration (in collapsed magnetic trapping). Different mechanisms make accelerated electrons inject into different parts of flaring loops, such as nearby one loop top (LT) by the acceleration in a perpendicular current sheet (called as standard model), and also possibly in a region with strong turbulence, or nearby one foot-point (FP) of a big magnetic loop in a double loop system, or in total twisted magnetic loop with a great amount of microcurrent sheets. Moreover, different mechanisms produce different pitch-angle distributions (isotropic and parallel or perpendicular anisotropic ones).


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