Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Using Multiple Antenna in Cognitive Radio

  • Komal PawarEmail author
  • Tanuja Dhope
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 625)


There is a rapid growth and development of new wireless devices and applications therefore, there’s a need for more wireless radio spectrum. Cognitive radio is used to solve spectrum scarcity and meet the ever increasing demand of the spectrum using dynamic spectrum access. In context to cognitive radio, spectrum sensing is found to be a crucial task. In this paper, we have evaluated the energy detection technique for spectrum sensing using time domain and frequency domain- periodogram method. For performance comparison parameters like the probability of detection, probability of the missing signal detection and the false alarm probability for change in values of signal to noise ratio, sample count are taken into consideration. Multipath and shadowing effects are reduced using multiple antenna techniques which provide better bit error rates.


Spectrum sensing Energy detection Multiple antenna 



I hereby acknowledge my advisor Prof. Tanuja S. Dhope for guiding me in the right direction and also provide sincere gratitude to G.H.R.C.E.M, PUNE for providing framework to accomplish our work.


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