Analyzing the Applicability of Bitsum Algorithm on LSB Steganography Technique

  • Bagga AmandeepEmail author
  • G. Geetha
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 625)


This paper is mainly focused on the study done to analyze the effect of Bitsum Algorithm on the LSB steganographic technique. The first section of the paper explains about the background of the LSB steganography as well as the research contribution of this paper. The second section concentrates on experimentation done to analyze the applicability of Bitsum Algorithm on LSB Steganography. This experimentation was done to check the correlation between Bitsums of the original image and stego-image, the correlation between Bitsum of the secret message and the value of R (Correlation Coefficient), and the correlation between type of image and the correlation coefficient.


Bitsum Steganography LSB substitution Correlation 


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