The Effects of Positive Teaching on Success in Children’s Learning

  • Miroslava WoolleyEmail author


On one of my placements I disappointed myself by paying too much attention to inappropriate behaviour instead of rewarding appropriate behaviour. I accordingly decided to look into the influence of on-going positive reinforcement, which was sorely lacking in my own schooling in communist Czechoslovakia. My own observations and analysis of literature indicated a connection between positive teaching and higher educational outcomes, and most teachers seem well aware of the impact of using positive reinforcement. From observing teachers and questioning parents, teachers and students, it seemed that everyone knew what the positive strategy was. While many people admitted using this strategy to some level, the students supported the theory that teachers and parents focus more on the inappropriate than the appropriate behaviour. I came to the conclusion that teacher or parent praise is one of the most powerful motivators for students and adults. Developing positive teacher/student relationships through positive teaching strategies helps create an effective and positive learning environment. Students and adults who are treated with respect, love and care tend to behave appropriately and have expected or higher academic outcomes. All of us, including students, want to feel recognised, valued and respected for our work and behaviour.


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