Associated Liver Partition with Portal Vein Ligation for Staged Hepatectomy

  • A. Rahim Dabora
  • Anand Bharatan
  • Sanjay Govil
Part of the GI Surgery Annual book series (GISA, volume 22)


Complete resection of primary liver tumours and selected liver metastases offers patients the best chance of cure or long-term survival although it puts them at risk of postoperative liver failure (PLF), which remains the commonest cause of death after major hepatectomy [1]. An insufficient future liver remnant (FLR) either in terms of volume or quality is the main determinant of PLF. Most surgeons would accept a FLR of 25–30 % in patients with a normal liver, and 40 % or more in patients with steatosis, fibrosis or cirrhosis [1].


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