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Erratum to: G. Keiser, Biophotonics, Graduate Texts in Physics, DOI  10.1007/978-981-10-0945-7

The subjected book was inadvertently published without including the following typo errors in some of the chapters. The erratum book and the chapters are updated.

The typo errors are:

Page 86: The last part of Problem 3.7 should be “…V = 3.59.”

Page 86: In Problem 3.11 the first line should read: “neff = 1.479 and Λ = 523 nm at 20 °C.”

Page 115: Problem 4.1 should read: “…show that the irradiance is 3.18 W/cm2.”

Page 116: In Problem 4.4 “Table 5.1” should be “Table 4.1.”

Page 143: The last part of Problem 5.3 should be “…1678 nm.”

Page 166: Eq. (6.17) should be
$${\text{Q}}_{\text{s}} = \frac{{8{\text{x}}^{4} }}{3}\left( {\frac{{{\text{n}}_{\text{rel}}^{2} - 1}}{{{\text{n}}_{\text{rel}}^{2} + 2}}} \right)^{2}$$

Page 192: In Problem 6.10 the parameter αa should be μa.

Page 192: Problem 6.11: The last part should read “show that μs = 9 μa.”

Page 227: Problem 7.1: The last part of the second sentence should read “reflection loss of 1.1 dB at a wavelength λ1, and a transmission loss of 1.1 dB at a wavelength λ2.”

Page 228: Problem 7.5 should read: “(a) Show that the size of the active area in a bundle with one ring is 0.22 mm2. (b) Show that the ratio of the active area to the total cross sectional area of the bundle is 54 %.”

Page 228: Problem 7.6 should read: “(a) … the active area in a bundle with two rings is 1.13 mm2. (b) … the active area to the total cross sectional area of the bundle is 53 %.”

Page 228: Problem 7.8 should read: “the variation in the insertion loss when the longitudinal separation changes from 0.020 mm to 0.025 mm is 0.21 dB.”

Page 256: Problem 8.5 should read: “Show that the depth of field at a wavelength of 650 nm is 24.5 μm and 3.24 μm…”

Page 287: Problem 9.7 should read: “Figure 9.9 shows a spheroid with the radii of the equatorial and polar axes being 0.3 μm and 2.4 μm, respectively.”

Page 287: Problem 9.10 should read: “…the curved cylinder has a length of 550 μm and its radius is a = 0.5 Dbottom = 150 μm.”

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