A Review on Status of Research in Metal Additive Manufacturing

  • Ganesa Balamurugan KannanEmail author
  • Dinesh Kumar Rajendran


Additive manufacturing is the essential technology in present near net shape manufacturing scenario in the field of aerospace, automobiles, electronics, medical implants, robotics, biomedical, etc., where near net shape manufacturing plays a prominent role in dimensional accuracy. Additive manufacturing has undergone drastic changes from plastics, polymers to metals. Additive manufacturing plays a key role in manufacturing of required components in short span of time without any defect. In this paper, the different research aspects of additive manufacturing are discussed on basis of two broad areas like design for manufacturing and process parameter control. The field of additive manufacturing has brought the manufacturing to next level were it made production and product development easier. An analysis is made on the published research articles and the research gaps were found and finally the future scope in the field of metal additive manufacturing is provided.


Additive manufacturing Process parameter control Design for manufacturing 


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  • Ganesa Balamurugan Kannan
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    Email author
  • Dinesh Kumar Rajendran
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